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Hairy Triton
Our Price: $3.95
Laciniated conch
Our Price: $5.95
Our Price: $5.95
Laciniate Conch (Strombus sinuatus)
The laciniate conch is a member of the family Stromidae, or the "true conches."  This one lives in coral sand in the West Pacific.  The plain brown and white markings on the exterior are hiding a rich, deep purple color inside.  
(4" length)
Fox's Nose (Pleuroploca trapezium)
Also known as the trapezoid horse conch, the fox's nose likes to hide in beds of sea grass and eat other sea snails.  Larger specimens can be cut and made into horns after the meat has been eaten.
(5" length)
Horse Conch
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West Indian Chank
Our Price: $14.95
Bursa Bufo
Our Price: $14.95
West Indian Chank (Turbinella angulata)
This hefty shell is native to the Florida Keys and the Caribbean.  With its spectacular size and creamy color, the West Indian chank makes an impressive addition to any collection.
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6-7 inches
Perverse Whelk
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Imperial Volute
Our Price: $35.00
King Helmet
Our Price: $39.00
Perverse Whelk (Busycon perversum)
The perverse whelk is found off the East coast of Mexico in the Gulf.  It's called "perverse" because its coils are sinistral, meaning the shell spirals around in the opposite direction of most shells.  It primarily eats clams and scallops.  In the past it has been used as a food source and to craft jewelry.
(7"-8" length)
Large Melo Melo
Our Price: $45.00
imperial Volute
Our Price: $52.00
Bursa Bufo
Our Price: $80.00
Large Bailer (Melo melo)
A shell of many names, this one’s also referred to as the melon shell and the Indian volute.  Its large size allows it to hunt and eat other gastropods in the muddy waters of Malaysia and Indonesia.  Its vibrant colors can resemble salmon or cantaloupe, with some variations showing hints of pink and cream.
7-8" 10+ inches