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Pacific Deer Cowry
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Tiger Cowrie
Our Price: $3.95
Mappa Cowrie
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Pacific Deer Cowrie (Cypraea vitellus)
The tiny deer cowrie hails from the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, where it hides under stones in the sand around coral reefs.  Its spots can resemble the markings of a baby deer.
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Tiger Cowrie (Cypraea tigris)
The habitat of the tiger cowrie is on the ocean floor, and it feeds primarily on coral.  Underneath its spots, the shell is naturally layered with shades of purple and white.  These layers can be revealed by carving and etching.  A few specimens of tiger cowrie have been found while excavating the ancient city of Pompeii.  
(2.5"-3" length)
Cypraea Testudinaria
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Humpback Cowrie
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Eyed cowrie
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Humpback Cowrie (Cypraea mauritiana)

2.5-3.5" length
Eyed Cowrie (Cypraea argus)
The eyed cowrie is found in coral reefs in the Indian Ocean.  Cowries in general have historically been used as currency, and even today some of the smaller ones are used in games.  As suggested by the name, the little circles on the back of the eyed cowrie look like eyes!
(2.5"-3.25" length)