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Murex Endivia
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Pink Mouth Murex
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Murex Brassica
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Endive Murex (Murex endivia)
Those wild spines are called “digitations,” and in the case of the endive murex they can be quite long!  This species is known for having banded markings of white and brown, though some variations show the darker color only on the tips of the spines.  They make their home in the Philippines.

Dimensions: Length 4-5 Inches, Width 3-4 inches.
Pink-Mouth Murex (Phyllonotus erythrostomus)
The pink-mouth murex inhabits Pacific waters off the coast of California, Mexico, and as far south as Peru.  True to its name, the aperture, or “mouth,” is a beautiful shade of pink, while the rest of the shell tends to be pale pink or white.

Dimensions: Length 2-4 Inches, Width 2-3 inches
Cabbage Murex (Murex brassica)
This murex is solid, and fairly heavy for its size.  It is well-known for its brilliant colors, including bands of caramel, bright pink edges, and creamy yellow against a white background.  This is another Pacific shell, most commonly found near Costa Rica.  

Dimensions: Length 4-5 inches, Width 3-4 inches
Black Murex
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Murex Regius
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Murex Ramosus
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Black Murex (Murex nigritus)
The black murex is a fairly common shell from the Gulf of California.  It is large, heavy, and very strong.  The base color of this murex is white, with varying amounts of black and dark brown markings.  Some specimens show the dark markings only along the raised edges, while other can be almost completely black!

Dimensions: Length 4-6 inches, Width 4-7 inches
Regal Murex (Murex regius)
The regal murex is notable for its delicate ruffled edges, showing hints of strawberry pink against creamy white, with distinctive patches of dark chocolate brown.  This beauty makes its home near Baja California.

Dimensions: Length 4-6 inches, Width 3-5 inches
Ramose Murex (Murex ramosus)
The beautiful ramose murex, aka branched murex, inhabits the oceans surrounding India, Africa, and Polynesia, where it eats mainly clams and other sea snails.  It’s easily recognized by its curved spines, which are quite strong despite their delicate appearance.
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Murex Ramosus
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Murex Ramosus
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